Why is implicit bias training important?
There is a sudden buzz about implicit/unconscious bias training. What is it, why should we be aware of it, does it have value? To answer the last question first, it has definite value if we want to know more about ourselves. Implicit bias refers to the personal choices that we make based on our life experience. These choices tend to be automatically triggered, and in most cases serve us well as a kind of shortcut without having to think through every option. Why do we choose to deal with the older, more experienced person? Or conversely, the younger person? Our life experience, combined with stereotypes in our mind, make those decisions for us. The real danger of not understanding our individual unconscious bias is when it comes to decisions like hiring. Do we tend to choose the person that looks and talks and acts most like us? Do we tend to rule out people that are not attractive, or that are from a different ethnic background? Unconscious bias should not be confused with prejudice. Individuals know it when they have a prejudice, but are not aware of their own implicit bias. It’s an important distinction because self discovery leads to change, and it leads to broadening the selection criteria. Awareness allows us to change, so the goal of implicit bias training should be to increase awareness, not to prejudge, or lecture, or impose guilt. The more we know about ourselves, the better choices we can make, leading to a fuller and richer spectrum of life.
When we provide training, we usually do it in English and then have a Spanish interpreter. Are your trainers bilingual?
Yes. Training is far more effective when it is taught in the primary language of the worker. That is why all of our trainers are bilingual and can deliver the trainings in English, Spanish or both in the same training.
We never expect sexual harassment to be a problem, but bullying is. Do you cover that in your training?
Bullying and abusive behavior is a significant component of our training. Sexual harassment prevention training is not just about sex any more. It is really anti-harassment training and besides bullying it includes sexual orientation and gender identity.
Will you be able to include our policies as part of your training?
Yes. Prior to each training session we consult with ou on your company's policies and we then articulate them as part of our training.
Sexual Harassment Training is easier to watch on video. Why do you stress the importance of in person training?
Watching a video does not connect. We are all easilty distracted. In person training that is interesting is able to connect with people, to engage them. We are also able ot field questions and provide discussions and answers.
We've tried safety incentive programs in the past for money. After the first year they don't have much impact why is yours different?
Because the actual incentives, whether monetary or prizes or points, is not the prime motivator. Showing appreciation, providing recognition, and encouraging safe behavior is more important, but it must be done on a regular basis. That is what our progam provides.
California Sexual Harassment Training Requirements
Under current California law, all employers with 5 or more employees must provide two hours of sexual harassment prevention training to all supervisory and managerial employees and one hour of training to nonsupervisory employees (including those in temporary and seasonal positions). For supervisory and managerial employees, sexual harassment training must take place within six months of them assuming their position. For nonsupervisory employees, training must take place within six months of the date they were hired. By contrast, seasonal or temporary employees (who are hired for less than six months) must receive training within 30 days of the date they were hired or within 100 hours worked, whichever occurs first. For our full write-up on California requirements, read our blog here: https://www.bridgetrainingconsultants.com/california-sexual-harassment-training-code/
Federal Requirements For Sexual Harassment Training
The federal government doesn't currently require states or private organizations to administer sexual harassment prevention training to employees. However, state laws vary.
Legal Requirements For Sexual Harassment Training
Almost all 50 states have varying degrees of requirements for sexual harassment training.
Anti-Harassment Training Requirement California
Pursuant to Government Code section 12950.1., California law now requires all employers that employ 5 or more employees to provide training to its supervisor and nonsupervisory workers. The training must cover sexual harassment and abusive conduct preventative measures. Every two years the requirement must be fulfilled. According to the law, training must include practical examples of harassment based on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.
Los presentadores son capaces de manejar preguntas en inglés y español?
Si tiene un grupo mixto de empleados que hablan inglés y español, nuestros capacitadores atenderán esa situación. Todos nuestros capacitadores son bilingües y podrán responder preguntas tanto en inglés como en español.
Are the presenters able to handle English and Spanish Questions?
If you have a mix group of English and Spanish speaking employees, our trainers will cater to that situation. Our trainers are all bi-lingual and will be able to answer questions in both English and Spanish.
Qué sucede si tengo más de 50 personas en una sesión?
Eso no es problema. Nuestras tarifas por sesión cubren un total de 50 personas. Si tienes más de 50 personas, cobramos $ 10 por persona. Solo asegúrate de tener el tamaño adecuado para la capacitación.
What happens if I have more than 50 people in one session?
That is not a problem. Our per session fees, covers a total of 50 people. Should you have more than 50 people we charge $10 per person. Just make sure you have the right size room for the training.
Puedo reservar más de una sesión al día?
Siempre que nos demos cuenta de cuáles son sus solicitudes, sin duda podemos programar más de una sesión de capacitación por día.
Can I book more than one session a day?
So long as we have notice of what your requests are, we can certainly schedule you more than one training session per day.
I’ve tried Safety Bingo. Why is your incentive program better?
Safety Bingo is a game. You are trying to get the message across that safety is the most important part of their job. So playing a game sends the opposite message. Our program is motivational because it engages. Monthly in-person meetings connect and demonstrate the importance of safety.
I’ve tried Safety Bingo. Why is your incentive program better?
Safety bingo is a game. You are trying to get the message across that safety is the most important part of their job. So playing a game sends the opposite message. Our program is motivational because it engages. Motnhly in person meetings connefct and demonstrate the imporance of safety.


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