December 15, 2021

Corporate Compliance Training News: Bridge Safety Is Now Bridge Training Consultants

In 2003, Joe Stevens founded Bridge Safety Consultants to fix a critical problem—ineffective workplace training. Boring, repetitive, English-only safety presentations were completely failing to prepare employees to prevent injuries and accidents in the workplace, because they were failing to keep their audience engaged and informed. From the start, our mission has been to transform training from a perfunctory check-the-box activity into attention-grabbing sessions that educate through interaction and humor.

Over the years, we’ve expanded our offerings beyond basic safety, which is why Bridge Safety is becoming Bridge Training Consultants, now found at We offer a wide range of instruction designed not just to meet legal requirements, but to make your workplace a safer, more welcoming, more effective environment for everyone. Our trainings include:

Sexual Harassment: Sexual harassment training isn’t just about preventing obvious and egregious cases of abuse; it’s about setting a safe, inclusive tone for your business that improves morale and productivity. Our humorous, entertaining presentations teach without lecturing, giving your employees the opportunity to engage and ask questions. We tailor our in-person sessions to the environment of your business to meaningfully connect with your workforce. Training is also available in video format for remote learning. All sexual harassment trainings cover content mandated by AB 1825 and come with compliance certificates upon successful completion.

Unconscious Bias: When organizations try to promote diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias can get in the way of positive change. Our unconscious bias training is designed to help attendees discover the mental shortcuts that may affect their decision-making without conscious thought through interactive examples. No guilt, no lectures—just self-discovery and awareness that sets the stage for self-driven change and growth.

AB241 Implicit Bias: Beginning in 2022, California healthcare professionals will be required to meet continuing education standards to learn how implicit bias can influence patient care and professional interactions. Our training is designed to fulfill that requirement with the same nonjudgmental, self-reflective approach offered in our standard unconscious bias course.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: When organizations want to actively promote diversity and inclusion, individual buy-in is key to success. Our DEI training is relevant and realistic, engaging attendees with frank discussions of both the potential benefits and advantages of greater diversity and the natural skepticism that can slow progress. We explain, create dialogue, and promote understanding without guilt or coercion.

Safety Incentive Programs: The most effective way to reduce workplace injuries is to have a strong safety culture at your company. Our incentive program builds that culture by recognizing and rewarding your employees for maintaining safety at dynamic monthly meetings conducted by our engaging leaders. Ongoing acknowledgment of individuals, teams, and departments for their achievements keeps safety awareness high and policy violations and accidents low while fostering a positive team spirit.  

Active Shooter: Workplace shootings are unfortunately on the rise. Keeping your employee’s safe means providing them with the information they need to protect themselves if an individual with a gun comes onto the premises. Our training, based on the recommendations of the Department of Homeland Security, teaches your staff what actions they should take and helps your organization prepare for an active shooter emergency. We also provide additional tips and suggestions, as well as thoroughly answering participant questions.

Training With a Difference

At Bridge Training Consultants, we measure effectiveness by results—our trainings are designed to educate and produce real understanding. We make our trainings available in both English and Spanish, presented by bilingual speakers who can answer audience questions in both languages. We offer both in-person and remote options to fit the needs and preferences of your business. Regardless of format, all our training programs feature professional actors and comedians keeping your employees focused and entertained so that they retain more information and can implement what they learn in the workplace. Bridge Training Consultants will help you achieve your goals for a safe, inclusive, welcoming work environment. To find out more about our training programs and how they can protect you, your business, and your employees, contact us here.

Bridge Safety Is Now Bridge Training Consultants
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Bridge Safety Is Now Bridge Training Consultants
Corporate compliance training California Bridge Safety Consultants has just rebranded as Bridge Training Consultants. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Bridge Training Consultants provides nationwide corporate training with its team of professional actors - making it the most effective training program provider for corporates across the USA.
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